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Life Story of Rowan Atkinson- Mr. BEAN

Born on 6th January 1955 in England, his father was a farmer and mother a homemaker. During his childhood, Rowan was very shy but always took pleasure in making others laugh. He used to make different faces and loved to entertain people. He was a bright student and wanted to become an engineer. He studied engineering from New Castle University and in 1975, he took admission in the Queens college, Oxford to pursue his post graduation in electrical engineering.

Once while he was pursuing his PG, he was asked to write a sketch and perform it. He had performed in some drama's before but writing was something new to him. He soon realized that he could perform visual comedy very well and can make a career in the field.


He met Richard Curtis a writer and Howard Goodall a music composer and the three of them started making sketches and plays together. After watching one of their plays, John Lloyd, a BBC producer offered Rowan to work in a TV show "The 9'O Clock show". It was a hit and Rowan was praised for his writing and acting and was offered to work in another show "The Black Adder", written by his friend Richard Curtis. This series was one of the most successful TV series in Britain.

He started his career as a film actor with the movie, "Never Say Never Again". In 1997 he made a film by the name Bean and as it turned to be a great success, a sequel was soon released. Atkinson always admired James Bond and wanted to act as a spy so he developed Johny English and Johny English Reborn.

Amazing Facts:
  • On the set of Black Adder, Atkinson met Sunitra Shastri, a make up artist whose father was an Indian and mother was British. After few years of dating, Atkinson and Sunitra got married and have two children Benjamin and Lily. 
  • Atkinson loves expensive and luxurious cars and owns several of them. In 2011, while driving a Mclaren F1, Atkinson met with an accident. Luckily he wasn't hurt but the car was severely damaged. Insurance company had to pay more than 9 lakh pounds and this was the biggest payout in Britain for any insurance company. 
  • Atkinson has been honored with the title of Commander of Order of the British Empire. 
  • Atkinson couldn't perform well in drama's and was rejected from some TV shows due to stammering while speaking. So he tried for acting. In his own words he said, "It comes and goes. I find when I play a character other than myself, the stammering disappears." 

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