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Who owns the Internet and how countries are connected to Internet

No One actually owns the Internet. Internet is a concept based on connecting network to networks. There are multiple organisations that own pieces of internet infrastructure but there is nobody that owns all of it. However, there are organisations and governing bodies which standardise what happens on the Internet.

It’s a matter of seconds when we drop an email to someone or make a call over the internet. Do you ever stop and think how this process exactly works. Many people have a belief that it is all satellite communication and wireless.
From 8 countries in the year 1988, Internet today connects 208 countries of the world. When we drop a mail it doesn’t only passes from sender to the recipient. It passes through multiple devices across the internet which forwards the information till it reaches the destination.

When we make a phone call over the internet to some country across the world, the message doesn’t actually flies from our country to another. It actually passes through real time optical fiber cables that are fixed under the ocean surface. These cables are also referred to as submarine cables and are responsible for most of the communication that happens over the internet.

The Internet basically is a collection of standalone computers all linked together like a telephone network through a mix of old fashioned copper cables and latest optic fibre cables which sends information in form of light.             

Though most of the Internet is real time hardware based. Two other forms also exist name wireless radio connection and satellite connections.

How the Internet identifies your message?
Actually it doesn’t. For internet everything is just data and it transmits information from sender to receiver in form of data. It can be seen as a postal service where the post office delivers all the letters from sender to receiver but are unaware of the content inside.

How internet data moves?
It moves on two concepts namely circuit switching and packet switching. Please read upcoming articles on these to know more.

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