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The Inspiring Story of Karoly Takacs

Karoly Takacs was a top pistol shooter in the Hungarian army. As a pistol shooter he made a remarkable journey through all the National level championships organised in his country before the year 1938. He was seen as the best shooter in the country and it was believed that he would win the gold medal for his country in the 1940 Olympics. His only dream was to be the best hand in the Olympics and he worked hard for the same. In the year 1938, while he was in an army drill, accidentally a live grenade blew up his shooting right arm and all his dreams were shattered. His years of hard work and aspirations vanished away in a moment. He underwent a treatment for two months.

Though Karoly lost his hand, he recovered from his injury and he surprised everyone and created history.
During his days in the hospital, he wept and regretted his loss but his self-motivation always led him to focus on what he still has rather than what he had lost. He started focusing on his left hand.  After a valorous training of one year, he came back to field in the year 1939 where a National Championship was going on. His colleagues were very happy to see him. They thought he came there to cheer them up but to their surprise he said I am not here to view I’m here to compete. He won the National pistol shooting championship shooting from his left hand. His dream was to score a gold in the 1940’s Olympics, but unfortunately the year 1939 marked the beginning of Second World War. But he never lost hope and always looked forward for the Olympics and in 1948 he won Gold Medal in Olympics. In the year 1952 he created history by becoming the only athlete to win in two consequent Olympics.
Losers always have thousands of reason of not doing things but winners always have one reason among those thousands to fulfil their dream and create history.

“Life is waiting for you. Give your best shot”.

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