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Ferruccio Lamborghini from Tractors to Sports Cars

Ferruccio Lamborghini, the creator of Lamborghini was from Italy and served with the Air Force mechanical corps during the Second World War. He was so good with engines that he became known as a wizard at engine fixing and mechanical improvisations.


After the war, Ferruccio set up a small car and motorcycle garage in the northern Italy. Identifying the great demand of agricultural tractors in that area, an idea took birth in his mind and he began buying surplus military machines and converting them into tractors. On an average he would build one tractor per month. This business soon became very successful and Ferruccio expanded his business further manufacturing oil burner heaters and air conditioning units for household purposes.
Lamborghini was a car lover and being a wealthy entrepreneur had a number of sports cars in his garage. One of the cars was the Ferrari GT 250. At a point, Ferruccio became frustrated with the problems he was facing with the clutch in his car and he went to visit Enzo Ferrari with his complaints.

Enzo Ferrari addressed to his complains as “The problem is not with the car, it’s with the driver”. Ferruccio took it as a great insult and being a mechanical genius he decided  of building his own sports car.

With a good amount of money from his successful tractor business, Lamborghini found an auto factory in the small town of Sant ‘Agata. He hired three ex-Ferrari employees Giotto Bizzarini, Franco Scaglione and Gian Paolo Dallara. The task was to create a powerful sports car with v12 engine which would reach 150mph and hence the world got it’s first Lamborghini 350GT and the rest is history.
Ferruccio chose the bull as the logo because it’s his birth sign, Tauras the bull. He also accepted that he never actually invented anything but would simply try to copy and improve what already exists.  

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