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11 Amazing Facts About Samsung

Now leading the market with its Virtual Reality Gear, Samsung is renowned for its tech gadgets, specially smart phones. But this versatile company is so much more than just super cool smartphones and smart watches. It's surprising to see how most of Samsung's other achievements go unnoticed. Samsung was established in 1938 by Lee Chull. The company that now sells these hot shot gadgets, sold groceries in its earliest days. Surprising, isn't it!? That's why we have 11 amazing facts about Samsung for you!

1. Burj khalifa was constructed by Samsung:-
-> Yes, it's true. The contract for the tallest skyscraper in this world, Burj Khalifa, was handed over to Samsung Construction and Trading Corporation. Petronas Twin Towers of Malaysia were constructed by Samsung Engineering and Construction.

2. Samsung has a LOT of employees:-
-> It has about 490,000 employees, which is more than the employees of Microsoft, Google and Apple.... combined!

3. Samsung has its own military:-
-> TechWind, a military arm, is owned by Samsung. So yeah, this company is versatile enough to own a military base. It has also made K9 which is an army tank.

4. Samsung generates huge revenue:-
-> In the year 2014 alone, Samsung generated US $ 305 billion. In comparison with other companies, it is massive. In the very same year, Google made US $ 66.001 billion, whereas Apple pocketed US $ 182.795 billion. Samsung makes about 17% of Korea's entire GDP.

5. Domination in every field:-
-> Since 1993, Samsung had remained the leading memory chip manufacturer. Samsung chips are used in the original Apple iPhones and other smart phones too. In 2011, Samsung became the world's largest smartphone manufacturer. Starting from 2006, Samsung remained largest TV manufacturer in the world.

6. Depth of Samsung logo:-
-> If you look closely at the logo of Samsung, you will notice that the first 'S' and the 'G' at the end are actually open, symbolizing the open-mindedness of the company and desire to communicate with the world. The 'S' at the end of 'Galaxy S' series stands for Super smart.

7. What does Samsung mean?
-> Samsung, in Korean, means 'three stars'. The name was so chosen because it displays that the company was big, powerful and numerous. The stars also stood for eternity.

8. Samsung cars:-
-> In a joint venture with Renault, Samsung has also been making cars for the past 20 years.

9. Samsung has world's most impressive docks:-
-> Samsung Heavy Industries has the most efficient ship building center in the world. Spread over 400 billion square feet, the ships that are built there are massive giants.

10. Interest in fashion:-
-> In 1995, Samsung invested 2 million dollars in the clothing brand Fubu. With Samsung's help, Fubu has generated 6 billion dollars. That shows the company's interest is not only in technology but fashion too. Samsung has its own clothing line by the name of "Samsung Fashion" too.

11. Fun is the new cool:-
-> If things weren't interesting enough about this company, Samsung has the biggest theme park in Korea, which includes a zoo and various adventure rides. Samsung's empire is so huge that there is even a Samsung Digital City, which contains few of the company's businesses.

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