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Farmer and the Chinese Bamboo

How patience can change your life- The story of a farmer and the Chinese Bamboo. 

There was a Chinese farmer. He was in distress as he had to support his family but barely had anything. One fine day he got some Chinese Bamboo seeds and sowed them into his field with high hopes for a better future. He watered them every day and nourished them with caution, having known the Chinese bamboo grows more than 90 feet tall. Days passed and months passed but there was no sign of shoots. To sustain, he planted some cash crops nearby. The crops grew in just a few weeks and would help the family’s daily needs but still the hope for a better future of the family has yielded no results. 

A year passed, people started gossiping about the farmer,thinking the farmer has gone mad watering the seeds even after one year. Another year passed, people started ignoring the farmer considering him to be a fool. Third year came and the farmer started questioning himself if what he had done was wrong. He thought if the seeds were spoiled, or he had watered them incorrectly. Several negative thoughts started flowing in his mind. He started worrying about the future of his family. Another year passed but he kept watering the seeds on the marked spots as it had become a habit for him. Consequently one after another 6 years passed yet nothing. But there hadn’t been a single day when the farmer didn’t watered the seeds or cared for them. 

One day people heard the farmer shouting with joy and calling for his family from the field. Everyone rushed to the field to see what had happened. To everyone’s surprise a little shoot of the bamboo. Finally years and years of efforts and hard work was visible. Magic had happened. 5 feet, 10 feet, 20, 30, 50 and 90 feet in 6 months. Six years of hard work and patience and 90 feet tall bamboo standing proudly in the field in just 6 months. 

For everyone it was a surprise and a vision of the better future but for the farmer the learning was more important. In the past years he had learned:
• To plant a dream
• To work daily to turn the dreams into reality
• To ignore those who said it can’t be done
• To push past his own fears and doubts
• To have faith even when there’s nothing to have faith in

Now he walks across the village smiling, watching other people watering there spots and having faith in the farmers faith.

So be a dreamer and never lose hope. As you continue to dream, do so knowing that someone believes in you strongly enough to share this

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