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6 Amazing Facts About Mobile Phones

1. Nokia 1100 – A phone that everyone knows about. The Nokia 1100 is the biggest selling mobile phone of the world with 250 million pieces sold. It is also marked as the bestselling electrical gadget in the history. 

2. The first known mobile call was made by Martin Cooper in 1973 and the cost of first mobile phone in US was 4000$ in 1983. 

3. According to different data, about 4 billion people own a mobile phone while only 3.5 billion people use a tooth brush. 

4. What is your average mobile phone bill? The highest mobile phone bill was 142,000 pounds by Celina Aarons equivalent to 11862680 INR. 

5. The Android operating system used in mobiles these days is a product by Google. 

6. The present mobile phones has a computing power more than the computers used for Apollo 11 to land on the moon.

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